Benefits of Using a Crime Scene Cleaning Service 

A Certain Type

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a crime scene cleaner? Or perhaps you're just curious as to exactly what they do? If you're interested to know the benefits of a crime scene cleaning service, and you're fascinated by crime scenes, this article is for you.

Cleaning up the blood and other biohazards in the aftermath of a violent crime is certainly not "glamorous", albeit interesting, for some. As a career choice, it's not for those with a weak stomach! It takes hard work, prudence, and integrity.

Here at Crime Scene Cleaners, we have learned over more than a decade now, this job is not for everyone! We understand that most people who talk about being "crime scene junkies", actually have more of what's called "crime scene fascination", rather than an actual talent for cleaning up after one! 

The Scene of a Crime

If you have been involved in a violent crime, whether directly or indirectly, or had one happen in your home or on your property, when the investigation of the scene comes to an end and the authorities leave, you will most likely be left with a serious cleaning job to do. You need professional help, from a cleaning business that specializes in biohazard cleanups, in order to prevent serious health issues from occurring. 


The crime scene cleanup service you use should be experienced in dealing with bio-hazardous materials, this way they will be able to dispose of any of the crime scene content left behind. Crime Scene Cleaners is HAZWOPER certified, and our technicians wear the appropriate PPE equipment as well. We also use high-quality, professional cleaning agents to permanently and thoroughly remove even the most stubborn stains. 

We train all of our technicians to fully understand the dangers of cross-contamination, so you and your family stay safe from any pathogens and all potentially harmful bacteria. We even dispose of all biohazard materials from your home, business, or property, or from any crime or trauma scene. We routinely work with law enforcement agencies and authorities, and our employees are both honest and discreet. 

Emergency Services

There are many different types of events that can happen, resulting in the need for an emergency professional cleaning service. But only Crime Scene Cleaners can deliver exactly what you need, including supplies, PPE gear, workers, and more - in the middle of the night, on a Sunday. This level of value is immeasurable. 100% reliable in times of stress, Crime Scene Cleaners will clean up the mess! 


Obviously, when cleaning up after a crime, it's important to pay attention to detail. You'll want to not only make sure to get in every crevice, especially when cleaning the blood and bodily fluids or contagions, but also keep your eyes open for any clues the authorities may have missed. 

If anything is missed, the authorities must be called back in and the process started over gathering evidence. But when a good relationship is established between crime scene cleanup professionals and law enforcement, it promotes a higher level of efficiency in the investigation process. 


You may not be aware of all the different services we provide here at Crime Scene Cleaners. Aside from cleaning up after a crime, we also do all residential and commercial cleaning jobs, just like a regular professional cleaning service. We do biohazard removal of any dangerous substances, and we do things like unattended deaths (anyone who dies alone, basically), suicides, bed bug removal, hoarder situations, mold remediation, and more! 

So whether you have a tough cleaning job you'd prefer to get professional help for, or just want a really terrific cleaning company to hire for regular maintenance services on your home or business, Crime Scene Cleaners is here for you! 

Cleanliness and Thoroughness

Hiring crime scene cleanup crews is a smart decision for many reasons, and one of these is cleanliness. Yes, you hire a business for cleaning services obviously expecting the results of cleanliness, but since we specialize in biohazard cleanup services, our technicians are especially thorough in their methods. Life presents a variety of struggles that may put you in a situation where you are suddenly responsible for a large cleaning job. This is when using crime scene cleanup services is smart.

Perhaps a family member dies, and that's when you find out they were a hoarder. You are the only one close by, and they have no will or instructions, so the police contact you. Or maybe you've discovered a case of bed bugs, especially with the epidemic proportions they seem to be invading our homes in. Things like this happen to people all the time. But when they do, when cleanliness and thoroughness really matter, crime scene cleaning services are just what you need! 


The safety of your home or company is at stake if you have a mess on your hands that is potentially biohazardous, and that's our area of expertise here at Crime Scene Cleaners. If you have a cleanup that is the result of a crime, there is always a possibility of a biohazard. With violent crimes, that possibility, of course, goes up significantly. And staggeringly, approximately 3 out of 4 people will be the victim of a violent crime in the United States alone. 

Biohazard cleanup services are what we specialize in, and should always be handled by professionals. And honestly, who better for the job than Crime Scene Cleaners? We have over 25 years in the cleaning business and our technicians are the best. We have extensive training procedures and background checks for all employees. We take our jobs seriously, and safety is first. That's why we follow strict safety procedures and wear the appropriate PPE gear. 


In addition to all of these reasons, Crime Scene Cleaners will help restore your home or business to a clean, safe environment. We understand that seeing the aftermath can be like reliving the crime, again and again, so once we are called, we come in to deal with the situation quickly and efficiently. Healing is so important after these types of incidents, and our techs are sensitive to this and will help with anything they can. Crime Scene Cleaners are the best ones to call, no matter what your cleaning needs are!