Cleaning and Disinfecting after Homicides:
Unfortunately, homicides occurs every day in our society, and it is typically left to the victim’s family, loved ones, or co-workers to manage the aftermath and clean up after the homicide investigators leave the scene. Our highly trained technicians at Crime Scene Cleaners NW are skilled in removing blood and other bodily fluids that are commonly found at any type of homicide scenes, and have the technical expertise and emotional sensitivity to handle this massively stressful situation.

Homicide clean up is different from other types of bio hazard cleaning situations due to the fact that a crime has been committed. We have the experience to work with homicide investigators to ensure that any evidence is handled correctly and that cross-contamination does not jeopardize the investigatory process. Crime Scene Cleaners NW is properly equipped to remove bio hazards and decontaminate the scene restoring it for safe re entry or reuse. Our specialized homicide clean up technicians will arrive with cleaning tools, protective gear and remediation disposal materials to get the job done quickly and safely.

Our homicide cleanup procedure includes:
Decontamination: We clean and scrub all blood, body parts and fluids. We also remove any fingerprint dust associated with the crime scene that may be harmful to humans and pets.
Deodorization: Powerful deodorizers remove foul odors.
Proper disposal: We will dispose of all biohazards in proper containers and transport them to a proper disposal facility.
Continuous monitoring: Our quality control and communication plans set the standard in the homicide clean up industry. Proper communication makes sure the job is done right.
Final walk through and approval: Our job is not complete without our customer’s final approval and sign off ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

We specialize in biological hazard and crime or trauma scene cleaning in the Pacific Northwest and are ready to assist you 24 hours a day.