Left Behind

When you're dealing with the shock and emotional trauma that comes with the suicide of a loved one, your cognitive abilities may be somewhat sluggish. After all, you've had your entire life interrupted, and everything has come to a screeching halt. Although you are expected to take control of the situation, you're still trying to wrap your head around what happened, and why

When tragedy strikes, it always seems to catch us unprepared. Suicide scenes are some of the worst crime scenes, and witnessing the aftermath is a traumatic incident. As the ones left behind to clean up the mess, we're often unsure where to start. In most cases, family members are just not equipped to safely and adequately facilitate the removal of materials that may be bio-hazardous concerning their loved one.

Suicide Cleanup 

In the professional cleaning industry, suicide is what is called an unattended death cleanup. This is when a person dies alone and may not be discovered right away. In any case, though indeed not your first thought, cleaning up after a suicide leaves behind contaminated materials and is considered a biohazard. The cleaning and removal of (mainly) human blood and bodily fluids should be left to the professionals, which can be very dangerous. Crime Scene Cleaners has the experience and compassion to help.


When Crime Scene Cleaners is performing suicide cleanup services, we rely on strict protocols and procedures by well-trained professionals, to remove all biohazards. Blood and bodily fluids are examples of biohazards, because of blood-borne pathogens and diseases that can be transmitted from person to person easily. This is why Crime Scene Cleaners always wear the appropriate PPE gear and follow strict safety procedures. Plus, we have the ability and certification necessary for the removal of all these materials. 

Safely Cleaning Up 

PPE, or personal protective equipment, should always be worn by anyone performing suicide cleanup services. Crime Scene Cleaners technicians wear safety shoes, disposable gloves, and a standard-issue HAZMAT suit, complete with hood and plexiglass shield! This type of gear protects those handling any bio-hazardous substances, such as blood and body fluids, from contamination. Crime Scene Cleaners puts the safety of the families they help above all else. 

Compassionate Care 

When you're dealing with suicide cleanup services, we understand that your life has been turned upside down and backward already. Our technicians are experienced and helpful in dealing with death and trauma and understand that their job is going above and beyond. Always professional, our goal is to get the scene clean from all traces of blood or trauma and remove these biohazards from the property. Death and blood are never pretty, and you certainly don't need any more unpleasant reminders. Our teams provide compassionate care 

Business Owners 

If you happen to be a business owner in your community and your company needs professional cleaning services for suicide or biohazard of any kind, call Crime Scene Cleaners. Not only do we do a good job, but we'll send the right crew in unmarked vehicles, providing you and your company ultimate discretion. We have strict safety protocols and our technicians always wear the appropriate PPE gear. 

We work with police and law enforcement on crime scene cleanup all the time, so our technicians know the importance of privacy, safety, and integrity. With over 25 years in business, Crime Scene Cleaners is the one most companies trust and depend on to get the job done right. 

Keep your company property and employees safe and secure, with Crime Scene Cleaners. Professional, efficient, and certified for accidents and biohazard removal. 

Caring Professionals 

The first step is to focus on the next task at hand and ask for help. Crime Scene Cleaners are caring professionals who are trained extensively to help deal with blood and death. In business for over 25 years, we have learned what's really valued. Families are in crisis wherever we are, and they don't need another worry. That's why we're here, to help ease the burden, encouraging you to begin the long but healing grief process. Crime Scene Cleaners really cares, and it shows! 

Suicide Facts

Unfortunately, regardless of anything we do, suicides still happen. Over 130 people in the United States alone commit suicide every day. In 2020, 1.4 million Americans attempted suicide, and 90% of them had a diagnosable mental health condition. There are a lot of amazing resources for those experiencing emotional trauma or difficulties in life, that are even free or low income/sliding scale. 

Here's a link for suicide prevention from the University of Washington that's worth mentioning: 

For suicide survivors and grief support in Washington, here's another: 

We here at Crime Scene Cleaners would much rather not have to specialize in deaths of this nature. 

Almost 50,000 Americans died in 2020 due to suicide, a horribly sad number. If you know someone who is suffering from depression and you're worried about their stability, reach out to them. Knowing that someone truly cares about them, can be the very thing that ultimately makes that

distinct difference - between life, and death.  

Crime Scene Cleaners 

Founded in 1996, we offer professional biohazard removal and cleaning services for all types of needs, such as: 

  • Residential house cleaning, either on a routine scheduled basis, or for only the toughest jobs, on an as-needed basis 
  • Commercial cleaning, same options as above 
  • Exterior or interior work 
  • Biohazard cleanups and waste removal 
  • Crime scene cleanups 
  • Mass trauma cleanups 
  • Drug abuse cleanups 
  • Hoarder home cleanups 
  • Bed bug or scabies removal 
  • Tear gas (pepper spray) removal 
  • HIV and MERSA cleanups 
  • Suicide/Homicide cleanups 
  • Unattended deaths 

And any other type of the toughest cleaning or disinfecting/sanitizing jobs you may have. Crime Scene Cleaners NW is here to help you!