Professional Cleaners

So what is crime scene cleanup, and what does it entail? Great question, and the topic for this post. Crime scene cleanup companies are in essence professional cleaners, but "supercharged" because they're trained and equipped to handle the toughest jobs that present risks to public health. This includes any trauma scene where there are bodily fluids, a blood spill, or any hazardous materials. 

Crime scene cleaners also specialize in bed bug removal or anything potentially harmful to living organisms, biohazard removal, hoarder situations, death cleanup, and tear gas cleanup. They work closely with law enforcement and are often called to crime scenes. But they are also a regular professional cleaning service and can clean up any kind of mess. 


At any trauma scene, there's usually blood, which means bloodborne pathogens. Bloodborne pathogens are harmful to humans and therefore it is considered a biohazard cleanup. Crime scene cleaners wear personal protective equipment as part of their health and safety procedures.

They have been thoroughly trained in many different safety procedures and must meet several certification requirements. With trauma, the first step is always to treat the victim, and calm down any family members who might be affected. 

A crime scene cleanup crew knows this is also a part of the job and an important responsibility. Trauma and tragedy strike families unexpectedly, and with it, we must realize the fragility of life itself. This is one of the job responsibilities we take seriously here at Crime Scene Cleaners and makes us stand out from similar companies.

Dealing with the loss or trauma of a family member or loved one is hard enough and can leave people feeling lost and confused. Indeed, it can affect an entire community. At Crime Scene Cleaners we understand this, and our crew will be empathetic and discreet. 

Unattended Death

Unattended death scenes are one of the saddest crime scenes of all, as they usually involve the alone and elderly. An unattended death is someone who dies alone, with no witnesses. Too often these are the forgotten souls of our society.

Most of the time this kind of crime scene cleanup is for someone who lives alone and has few if any, visitors, so they may not be found for many days or longer. If you know someone like this, make a point to check on them often. They may not have anyone else who cares. 


Death by suicide is another terrible tragedy. This is a particularly horrible loss to cope with, and often can be prevented. A suicide of a loved one can tear families apart, and leave them permanently scarred. It is an extreme trauma and one that is nearly impossible to come to terms with.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 800-273-8255. If someone you know has talked about having suicidal thoughts, this can be a cry for help. The problem is, the majority of people who actually go through with it, do not tell anyone about it beforehand. Watch for signs of extreme depression, and offer an ear to listen when you can. 


A homicide is not always the same as a murder, but it is always the result of one human being causing the death of another. Sometimes purposefully as in murder, sometimes accidentally as in manslaughter.

Either way, it almost always involves blood, bodily fluids, and trauma, which is a biohazard cleanup. A homicide crime scene cleanup is a common type of call a crime scene cleanup company gets, along with the other types of deaths we've talked about. 

Biohazard cleaning, such as with blood, involves professional cleaning products and a special process for the affected area. A crime scene cleaner works long hours and this type of career is not for everyone. Most people cannot handle the kind of blood and trauma these unsung heroes face every day. It's a business where you deal with death, blood, and crime scene cleanups on a regular basis, so it is not a job just anyone can handle. 

Other Types Of Clean Up

Other types of crime scene cleanup jobs can involve clearing a location contaminated by tear gas. Many times a personal property can be damaged by blood or other biohazards and require a crime scene cleanup crew for a professional cleaning so it can be saved.

Families who have lost loved ones should never have to worry about cleaning up a crime scene such as this. There are also hoarder situations or bed bug removal situations that families do not have to face alone. 

To clean up a location such as a house where a hoarder lived can be an extreme challenge. Any major clean-up can be taken on by us here at Crime Scene Cleaners, we have dealt with all kinds of situations. We even do regular everyday clean-up for both residential and commercial jobs. Our techs are both personable and professional.  

Crime Scene Cleaners

Crime Scene Cleaners is actually now a registered trademark and an independently owned company in the clean-up industry. Being an independently owned company means we can focus on the things that matter the most - the people affected. 

In recent years, many business owners have tried to duplicate the services we provide and many have adopted similar names. Many people ask if our employees make good money. They definitely do, but what they do to earn it is clean up the messages no one should have to see, let alone work with every day. It is a career, but not one to take lightly. It requires not just extensive training and certifications, but a special kind of person. 

When you have any type of professional cleaning you need assistance with, call Crime Scene Cleaners. We will help you deal with whatever kind of issue or situation you may need, with the type of professionals you want on the job.