Different Types Of Cleaning

Commercial cleaning is not cleaning while watching commercials. So what is commercial cleaning? The answer is multifarious, and the topic for this article. To begin to learn about this area of the cleaning industry, first we need to understand the difference between commercial cleaning and other types, like residential cleaning. 

While you can hire residential cleaning services for your home, if you’re a business owner, you can hire commercial cleaning services for your business. Certain professional commercial cleaning companies specialize in specific areas with a higher demand, things like office window cleaning, graffiti removal or crime scene cleanups.

What To Expect

A commercial cleaning service provider will set up a cleaning schedule for your particular cleaning tasks to be performed. You can go over things like the cleaning jobs you’d like to have done, and how often you’d prefer each of them to be completed. If contracted, commercial cleaning services will provide some consumables, including things like paper towels, liquid soap, trash can liners and toilet paper rolls.

You should  put together a commercial cleaning checklist before calling a company. A professional commercial cleaning business will come visit the premises firsthand, discussing exactly what you’re looking for, then put together a quote.

Equipment And Protocols

The commercial cleaning company of your choice will also have professional cleaning equipment, including things like floor polishers and carpet cleaning machines with upholstery cleaning tools. They will use specific cleaning processes for their cleaning machinery that involve strong chemicals and products for industrial use. 

In addition, a commercial cleaning company has certain protocols for particular cleaning methods and chemicals or cleaning products that they use, depending on the industry. The ISSA or International Sanitary Supply Association, along with the British Institute of Cleaning Science or BICSc, set standards for owners of commercial cleaning companies.

Scope Of Commercial Cleaning Work

A commercial cleaning company will provide practically any commercial cleaning service your business needs. This includes tasks that are either internally or externally located, and whether some or all of them are scheduled daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or even one-time projects. A decent professional commercial cleaner will also have the equipment necessary to get the jobs done right, no matter what they may be. Customization is key! 

For instance, some things associated with cleaning offices or workspace areas are jobs such as; mopping floors, carpet cleaning, keeping the workspace refrigerator and microwave (communal appliances) sanitary and clean, cleaning windows, bathrooms and bathroom supplies, etc. When a specific cleaning process is required, your commercial cleaning services will provide the correct solutions. 

Other examples, such as when referring to cleaning rental properties, might be things like touch-up upholstery cleaning, floors and windows, dusting or polishing and other residential type cleaning services for a home (or homes), possibly at several different rental properties or locations. 

Outdoor tasks can involve other kinds of specialized equipment designed specifically for use in industrial maintenance and commercial cleaning services, and should be easily handled. Any routine tasks that help keep the exterior and grounds clean and well-maintained, can be assigned to a commercial cleaner.

Why Hire A Commercial Cleaning Service?

As a business owner today, many others depend on you for a variety of things. You have a  responsibility to provide a clean and healthy work environment and workspace for your employees to function in, at your place of business. Whether you have a retail store or office space (and everything in between), you’re definitely going to need commercial cleaning services to help maintain that healthy work environment for your staff. 

In partnership with a good commercial cleaning service, this can be accomplished both efficiently and effectively. Crime Scene Cleaners has been in business for 25 years now, and is a perfect example of an excellent, professional provider of commercial cleaning services that can meet your company or home professional cleaning needs. 

Crime Scene Cleaners

There are lots of professional cleaning businesses out there to choose from, but only one who can handle any type of cleaning job. Here at Crime Scene Cleaners, we handle all kinds of professional cleaning, including home or residential cleaning as well as commercial cleaning services, and specializing in crime scene cleanups and biohazard waste removal and disposal. We have the equipment and experience necessary to take on any job, big or small. Our employees are discreet and professional, and well-trained in providing the most efficient service possible.

Standards Of Excellence

Crime Scene Cleaners is a terrific example of an ideal cleaning company to hire for all your commercial cleaning needs, because we have the dedication and years of experience in the field you want. Our employees are both well-trained and well-aware of any special protocols required for certain types of special cleaning procedures. 

We wear the appropriate PPE equipment in any potentially bio hazardous situation, and are certified in biohazard waste removal and disposal. We also have 25 years of experience, and represent the difference in standards and quality of service which places us above the competition.

Services Offered

We believe in our quality of service and reliability, combined with our foundation of professionalism, trust and discretion. Here are just a few examples of cleaning services we’ve provided for: 

  • Unattended deaths 
  • Biohazard waste cleanup and disposal 
  • Contaminated or condemned buildings 
  • Chemical spills or laboratories 
  • Business facilities 
  • Office cleaning 
  • Construction site cleanups 
  • House cleaning – interior, exterior or both 
  • Bed bug cleaning and treatment 
  • Hoarder cleanups 
  • Residential house cleaning – one-time projects or regularly scheduled sessions 
  • Commercial cleaning – one-time projects or regularly scheduled sessions 

Any professional cleaning job or task is within the scope of work we do, here at Crime Scene Cleaners NW. Specializing in crime scenes and biohazard waste removal and disposal, you know we have what it takes, plus have seen every type of scenario you can imagine, and then some!

In Conclusion

So for any type of commercial cleaning services (or other type) you require, no matter what condition or circumstances you’re in, contact us here at Crime Scene Cleaners NW, the first and last word, in professional cleaning. We will discuss your particular situation, and answer any of the many possible questions you may have. Call to find out all the ways we can help you make a visual difference to either your home or your company – or both – ! Also check out our post on cleanup and disinfecting after suicides.