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Here at Crime Scene Cleaners, we have nearly 25 years of experience in professional, commercial cleaning. Founded in 1996, we now have been dealing with law enforcement agencies and officials at all levels for commercial cleaning jobs of all types. Our technicians are discreet and competent, completing each task methodically and efficiently. We have the protective gear and experience necessary to handle any biohazard or other hazardous waste situation, including the sanitization, disinfection and disposal of these potentially harmful materials. Our teams are dedicated and thorough, handling any commercial cleaning project completely and effectively, as well as in the most professional manner possible. We understand the importance of privacy in certain cases in particular, and practice extreme discretion and a high level of professionalism. For all commercial cleaning services Seattle needs, they call the best, at Crime Scene Cleaners.

Crime Scene Cleanups
We specialize in crime scene cleanups of all types, including unattended deaths, suicides and homicides. Since these crimes can happen anywhere and in all kinds of different situations, we can handle them all. Whether you’re dealing with bed bugs, a methamphetamine lab, the home of a hoarder or an unattended death that may have happened weeks ago, when you need the best commercial cleaning services Seattle has to offer, call us here at Crime Scene Cleaners. We have the experience and knowledge you need to get the job done right and fast, too. When you have a tough job as a law enforcement official, and you need assistance from a commercial cleaning professional you can count on, we are here for you. We specialize in crime scene cleanups of all types and in all situations.

Contaminated Buildings
One of the situations that pose a more serious risk is one that involves a contaminated building environment, as the setting. A building, of course, can be anything from a house, to a shed or a barn, to an office, a restaurant or even a courthouse. It can become what is called “contaminated” by a number of different hazardous conditions, such as bed bugs, asbestos or fire risks like having bad electrical wiring. Regardless of what has been the cause of it being labeled contaminated, it obviously poses a serious risk to the average person. At Crime Scene Cleaners, we have protective gear and equipment to handle these types of situations. We can take care of the disposal of hazardous waste materials, as well as the sanitation and disinfection of the building and its restoration back to normal. If you have a situation that requires commercial cleaning services, Seattle calls Crime Scene Cleaners.

Professional Commercial Buildings
If you are a business owner, you know that cleaning your business is an important job. Having it look the way you want it to for the public each day is paramount to your overall success. You want to make the right impression, which means precision and organization. Keeping things just right is key for the image you want to portray. No one wants to do business at an unorganized place, or with someone who takes no pride in their business, or in a setting where there’s a messy environment. You need to hire a professional commercial cleaning company that you can trust, and who takes the time to listen and understand what you want and need from them. One who will work around your schedule, and be able to execute the kind of results you need, on a consistent basis. When you need commercial cleaning services, Seattle calls Crime Scene Cleaners for the best.

Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs
There’s nothing quite as frightening as having bed bugs, especially if you’re a business. We all know how hard they are to get rid of, and what a huge problem they can be. Though getting rid of them is going to cost you time and money, it is possible to get back to normal. Unfortunately, bed bugs have become more common over the past 20 years or so. They’ve also become more resilient, and they were already tenacious enough, as it was. These parasites multiply exponentially, and it doesn’t matter whether you keep your place clean and well organized, or struggle to stay on top of the daily clutter. They hide incredibly well, and can survive for up to a year without a blood meal. Female bed bugs can lay 200-250 eggs in their lifetime, which hatch in just 6-10 days,  needing a blood meal after birth. These nasty bugs normally shed their exoskeletons 5 times before reaching adulthood, and need a blood meal before each molt. Adults live 2-4 months. They are extremely resistant to most conditions including chemicals, but cannot survive above 118° F for 90 minutes or 0° F or below for at least 4 days. This of course is to achieve 100% mortality for both bugs and eggs. When you need to get rid of bed bugs, call Crime Scene Cleaners.

Hoarding Cleaning
When you have a situation where there was a hoarder, you will need a professional cleaning company to handle the area. The reason for this is that the hoarder’s domicile is extremely hazardous and risky for anyone. Depending on the level of their disorder’s progression, the place will most likely be contaminated by many factors, as well as be dangerous. Pests and pets may be present in abundance, as well as fire hazards and no running water, among other things. A professional cleaning company is necessary for hoarding cleaning.

In Addition
At Crime Scene Cleaners, we cover all areas of professional, commercial cleaning services Seattle companies offer. Nearly 25 years in the business, we’ve handled just about every type of situation there is. Specializing in crime scene cleanups, we also have protective gear and equipment to handle biohazards and hazardous waste materials. No matter what your situation is, when you need the best cleaning services available, call Crime Scene Cleaners. We will help you make short work of an otherwise seemingly impossible job. Our list of cleaning services is comprehensive, and our teams are both efficient and reliable. Looking for our other services? Check out: residential cleaning service Seattle


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