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What We Do – “Unattended Death” Cleanups 
Here at Crime Scene Cleaners in Tacoma, we specialize in providing professional cleaning services for crime scenes, particularly those which contain bio-hazardous materials and waste that must be disposed of properly. When a person is found alone and deceased that’s been there for a while, this is called an “unattended” death, as well as an “accidental” death. Many different types of things ruled as being accidental can be listed as the cause of death. These are also examples of “unattended deaths”, which simply means you die alone and unexpectedly, and no one even notices you’re gone, for quite some time. So when the body is found, most of the time it is in one of the three stages of decomposition, and therefore needs professional cleaning and removal. When you’re looking for the best Crime Scene Cleaners Tacoma has to offer, be sure to call us. We will do all your unattended death cleanup services. 

What We Do – Suicide, Homicide Cleanups 
Here at Crime Scene Cleaners, we are available 24/7 to help you with all of your professional Tacoma cleaning services. Our technicians are well trained in dealing with law enforcement officials, and the community. We will arrive and depart discreetly. We will make short work of a scene that appears to be straight from hell in no time, disposing of all hazardous materials both correctly and efficiently. When you have a suicide or a homicide crime scene that needs professional cleanup, call Crime Scene Cleaners Tacoma, and don’t wait another minute! We will arrive shortly and take care of everything, restoring any crime scene area to back to normal, in no time. 
A person who takes their own life is a tragic and depressing story, but one that most of us have had to deal with, on some level, at one time or another. These people are deeply troubled, within their very souls. They do not ask for help. Life just becomes unbearable one day, so they make a decision to end it. When a friend or family member eventually stumbles onto this kind of grisly scenario, it often becomes like a photographic image that indelibly imprints onto their brain, and plays in a never-ending loop that runs constantly through their head. The last thing they need, is to have to worry about cleaning up a mess like that. In these situations, just call in the pros at Crime Scene Cleaners Tacoma, today. When you have a need for biohazard cleanup, Tacoma uses Crime Scene Cleaners. 

What We Do – Biohazard Cleanups & Restorations 
Crime Scene Cleaners, Tacoma, has the experience, the equipment and the know-how, to properly clean and sanitize a crime scene area that has been contaminated with blood and/or other hazardous substances. They have the protective gear and special equipment necessary, to completely clean and restore the area. Regardless of the restorations needed, they can handle just about anything. Nothing phases them anymore, as they’ve been with us for quite some time now, and understand the depths of the horrors that many people never see, firsthand. These incredible people put their own ambitions aside, and get the job at hand done in a methodical, organized way. When you’re dealing with blood and potentially devastating biohazardous materials, this is where we shine. We have what it takes, to both sanitize the area, and dispose of the hazardous materials at hand. For biohazardous threats, when you need a biohazard cleanup, Tacoma calls Crime Scene Cleaners.

What We Do – Hoarders Cleanups
Our team of highly experienced representatives know all too well how the experience affects us, and in turn the way we treat others. The phenomenon of hoarders and hoarding things is becoming much more common these days. The lengths people will go to in order to keep that part of their lives private is not healthy, and quite frankly,  scary! Often times, unattended deaths are in their homes. Due to their sometimes strange behavior and hermit-like existence, they are often antisocial. The things people hoard can widely vary, from old newspapers to stuffed animals, and everything in-between. All is fair game, in the name of hoarders. Where do you keep everything once you get it? This is why a true hoarder has to own their own home. It requires space and privacy. Many people’s homes have been destroyed or damaged extensively by overfilling it with heavy, worthless goods. The difference between being a hoarder and being a collector is the nature of what becomes your passion, as well as how you choose to “display” your items and if they have any true value, to anyone but yourself. Cleaning up the site of a hoarder is a huge job, and can be dangerous as well. Often, items can be stacked and stored in a manner that offers little to no room for navigating safely within the domicile. Sometimes it is this reason that hoarders end up being an unattended death. Crime Scene Cleaners Tacoma can help you get the area cleared out safely.

Experienced And Helpful 
We have nearly 25 years of experience in the field, founded in 1996. Our staff are discreet and professional, and know what they’re doing. We also specialize in the removal of:
  • MRSA
  • Bed bugs
  • Scabies
  • Xtreme cleaning
  • Tear gas – pepper spray
  • Hoarded items
  • Human / animal waste damage
  • Communicable diseases
  • Crime scenes
  • HIV / AIDS
  • HEP-C
  • Parvovirus
  • Hantavirus prevention
  • Poison oak – cats and dogs
  • Blood biohazard
  • Fingerprint powder
  • Vehicles of biohazard
So if you have a difficult task at hand which requires the removal of any of these hazardous materials or conditions, call Crime Scene Cleaners Tacoma today. 


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