First of all, what is an unattended death? Well, an unattended death is when a person dies alone, and is not discovered right away. This happens a lot with the elderly, but it can happen to anyone. Especially if you live alone, and don’t have a lot of company over or people checking on you very often.


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“I would like to thank the Crime Scene Cleaners NW for the professional cleanup job they did for my family after we lost a family member. They even took time to calm me my nerves. They got the job done in a timely matter and their price was reasonable. I will be referring them to anyone that might can use their services. Keep up the great job.”


“Chris was so helpful. Thank you for your help with the entire cleanup I never expected you to be able to clean the entire thing and the process was flawless. Most people won’t need this but those few of us really need guys like this. Thank you.”


“Initially bought the place thinking it wouldn’t be that bad but turned out it was going to be a way bigger job than I had intended. I was going to just clean the place myself but that proved to not be a great idea. I spoke with the owner Chris and he was super friendly and was awesome to work with.”


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An unattended death can occur under many different types of situations, from a freak accident to a suicide. After a person like this is discovered, when all is said and done, there will need to be a crime scene cleanup to eliminate any biohazard risks. When you need assistance like this due to an unattended death, Seattle uses Crime Scene Cleaners. We have specialized in crime scenes such as unattended deaths for nearly 25 years now. We have the protective gear and equipment necessary to clean, disinfect, and sanitize the area, restoring it back to normal in no time.

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